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Financial Application is divided in two sub modules.

Operational Accounting

Operational Accounts is embedded with the sales purchase and operations modules. This it gives flexibility to a user to manage their money at the operations stage itself. Following are the key features of the OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTING


  • Service Group and Sub Service Group - to keep the books of accounts simple and clean service group and Sub service groups are defined for every service / business.
  • Charge Codes - charge codes are heading for charges where every chare will be defined and will be linked with Ledger and Service Groups.
  • Profit Centers / SBU - based on the company's policies various SBUs / branches as profit centers can be defined and handled in the software.
  • Sales Management - Customer Quotations integrated with Booking and Operations module helps to prepare sales invoices automatically and send data in to financial accounting system.
  • Operational Accounting system in POWERSHELL helps you to raise the debit notes as well. The data comes from the booking and operations and debit notes of the reimbursements are prepared.
  • Receipts from the customers and allocation of invoices and debit notes against those receipts.
  • Purchase Management - Vendor Quotations integrated with operations, helps to prepare and audit Purchase Invoices automatically and post it to financial accounting.
  • Credit Note can be prepared taking reference from the operational data.
  • Payment to vendors and allocation of payment against vendor invoices and debit notes.
  • Expense Management - Expenses are tracked at every layer of operations or activity, where it is applicable. Types of expenses with predefined limit can be defined against operations, then the system makes the eVOUCHER and send it for approvals.
  • Commissions / Incentive adjustments and reporting - All calculation of commissions receivables and payables can be generated through the operational accounting system.
  • Service Tax, TDS and other statutory reports.
  • Dispute Settlement - Special provision for Sales and Purchase disputes and credit note generation process.
  • Reports & MIS - Reports like customer outstanding, Ageing analysis, vendor payments and outstanding reports etc...
Financial Accounting

Base Fundamental of Financial Accounting

  • Defining Heads for Balance Sheet
  • Heads for Profit and Loss accounts
  • Ledger Heads
  • Accounts Group and Sub Group
  • Day Books
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book
    • Sales Book
    • Purchase Book
    • Journal
  • Vouchers
    • Cash Payment & Receipt
    • Bank Payment & Receipt
    • Journal Voucher (JV)
  • TDS & Service Tax Defining and Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation - Manual and Auto
  • Reports & MIS Reports -
  • Statutory Reports P&L and Balance Sheets

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