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Web Based application takes care of complete Freight Forwarding & Consolidation business activity from an enquiry to execution / operations covering from Local/Domestic to International/Overseas and also monitor various MIS deliverables as allied features supporting the management to review per Container & Shipment basis Profitability.

Sea Logistics

This modules is designed to automate transactions related to sea freight business. This module covers both export and import operations. This module facilitates the users to divide the work across the desks with respective responsibilities. Following are the key features of Sea Logistics Module -

  • Integrated With CHA and Transportation Module to handle Ex-Works/Door to Door shipments for all INCOTERMS (DDU/DDP/CIF/FOB/CIP/C&I, etc)
  • Supports FCL and LCL shipments and consolidation
  • Shipping Line Pricing & Booking Details
  • Facilitates Multi Currency Transactions
  • Complete Shipment History at a single click
  • Detailed Tracking of Operations
  • Prepare HBL / Shipping Instructions for MBL from same data
  • Various Reports like - BL, Carting Order, SOB Certificate, Container Load List, Stuffing Instructions
Air Logistics

Air Logistics Module facilitates the automation of Air Export and Import Operations. From buy to sell and booking to operations every desk perform its respective task and updates in the system. Thus the information flows seamlessly with in various departments. Following are some of key features of Air Logistics Module -

  • Airline Airway Bill Inventory & Utilized Airway bills
  • Allocation to Branches
  • Pricing Module - For Pricing desk and management to define buy and sell price, set limits and markup
  • Supports consolidation
  • Airway bill auto generated in editable format to edit as per LC clause.
  • CSR in Standard, Air India & Other formats
  • Calculation of commissions, Incentives made easy
  • Manage Inventory and dispatches at your warehouse
  • Group update of EP Copy available
  • Hold DO Feature in import
Agent Relationship Module

This module helps you to track and manage the business transactions with overseas agents. POWERSHELL ERP allows you to record business transactions in multiple currencies, thus billing and remittances from your overseas agents becomes easy to manage. Some of the key features of the modules are as below -

  • Manage your oversea agent network
  • Track shipments and business transactions with overseas agents
  • EDI exchange of invoices / debit notes and account statements with overseas agents
  • Remittances and accounts adjustments with overseas agent
  • Manage multi currency transactions with overseas agents
  • Account Reconciliation
Sub Agent Module

Sub agent module is embedded in various modules of POWERSHELL ERP. This helps you to analyze business transaction with sub agents and settle their accounts for commission and incentives. Some Key Features -

  • Business by sub agents can be tracked under this module
  • Commissions and incentive calculation of sub agents
  • MIS and other analytical reports for business by Sub Agents

Future belongs to Paperless EDI Communication between various parties and agencies. POWERSHELL ERP is equipped with the EDI module to facilitate the automation at every possible level. Some key features -

  • Supports EDIFACT and Ansi 400 International Standards
  • Data Import / Interchange with customer's SAP, ORACLE and other systems
  • Smooth e-Transaction with Shipping Line, Oversea Agents, Local Agents, Vendors, Airline and other interested parties
  • Upload of data from Excel, CSV and other standard formats
  • Transfer of reports to Excel, PDF, Text and other required formats

In any business transaction operations in logistics operations covers almost 60-70% of the activities. Thus it becomes the heart of the business. Therefore Operation module helps you to track every single activity in detail. Timelines and shipment life cycle can also be defined to find exceptional cases and detailed MIS reports. Some key features -

  • Define Shipment execution cycle as per your company's working pattern
  • Define timeline for execution and completion of the shipment cycle
  • Detailed tracking of operations available in operations module
  • Every activity done for shipment execution is tracked under operations modules
  • Make employees accountable by recording who has done what, with date and time
  • Record expenses at every level of shipment execution
  • Get detailed MIS of expenses for shipment and operations
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Add value to your service by giving freedom to your customer to access some part of his information. Some key features -

  • Give login IDs and passwords to your customers
  • Automated shipment tracking from booking to remittances.
  • Facilitate your customers by sharing the shipment status in CRM
  • Shipping instructions / Draft BL make available for the customers' approvals
  • Customer's account statements and ledger

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